Computer Problems?
Is your computer driving you crazy? popups causing you grief? call us now on 08 7444 4222 to get one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians onsite to fix it quick.
Custom PC Builds
Why buy an off the shelf PC? at VeraMax IT Solutions, we will custom build a new pc for you, designed to work the way you want it.
Happy PC
Want a happy PC? contact us to find out how we can keep your PC happy and your wallet full. 08 7444 4222 <...
Need computer help?
COOL Networks & VeraMax IT solutions provide onsite training for all of your needs.
Need to share files securely?
Easily send files secure to anyone, anywhere. FREE!
Laptop not working right
Is your laptop slow? we can help speed it up with a few simple and relatively inexpensive upgrade. Contact us now on 08 7444 4222 to find out how! <...
Blue Screen Of Death?
Computer keeps crashing? Contact us to find out how to fix it.
System Tuneup
A hard drive is a sophisticated machine, let us tune it up for you.
Computer Virus
Here at VeraMax IT Solutions, we are expert at removing virus infections. We can do this onsite, remotely, or in our offices. Contact us on 08 7444 4222 to book your technician now. <...

Wet/Broken phone?


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Need Hardware?

We have everything you need and more!

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Virus - CryptoLocker

The Worst one yet!

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Computer Dead?

Wont Start? Slow?

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Thank you so much for rescuing my hard drive!
Is there anything you guys cannot fix?

Want a happy PC? a Happy network?

COOL Networks & VeraMax IT provide many services that can make your life easy when it comes to IT Support

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Need an Email Account?

RELIABLE and cost effective email solutions

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Is your wifi not working?

We have some troubleshooting tips for you

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